Efficient Heavy-duty Underground Loader Buckets for Mining

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The underground loader is design to transport earth, rock, and other mineral for the underground mining. A good underground bucket will be a great tool to meet your high production demands and lower your cost per ton. Crafts underground loader buckets are made of high strength steel plate and wear resistant steel plate, according to your different work condition and excavation material hardness, you can choose HARDOX, NM400, NM500 steel, and the alloy steel chocky to reinforce your underground loader bucket. Meanwhile, if you need to strengthen your bucket with G.E.T parts, the OEM underground loader bucket teeth are also available at Crafts.

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Product Detail

● Various brands of underground loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Material: Q355 & NM400 are standard on Crafts buckets for maximum cost-effectiveness. Q690, Hardox450 are also available for maximum life and strength.

● G.E.T. parts: Smooth main blade is now standard on Crafts buckets. OEM underground loader bucket teeth are available.

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Underground Loader Bucket

Details as Following

Brand Model Part No. Bucket Capacity
CAT R1300 243-5577 2.4 2155
186-9278 2.8 2185
243-6143 3.1 2318
243-6224 3.4 2518
R1600 227-4702 4.2 2723
203-1792 4.8 2723
227-4704 5.6 2723
227-4703 5.9 3018
R1700 256-0862 4.6 2689
255-9970 5 2689
252-7194 5.7 2689
226-5404 6.6 2689
R2900 303-8806 6.3 3176
249-4899 7.2 3176
249-4892 8.3 3272
249-4893 8.9 3472
Atlas Copco ST 1030   5.4 2484
Sandvik LH410   5.4 2550
LH517   10 3310
Toro 0010   10 3310

Product Application

The underground loader bucket is also called scooptram bucket. On the connection dimension, the underground loader bucket is the same complicated as the wheel loader bucket. If there is any mistake on the connection, the whole bucket is scrapping. In that case, please remember to show us your machine model when you need our quotation. At present, Crafts is able to supply you most popular underground loader buckets on the market.

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