Does a Bigger Capcity Bucket Bring you a Better Digging Efficiency

Excavator buckets are designed to create the best digging efficiency specifically for each machine model and classification. However, people would like to dig with bigger and bigger capacity bucket to increase their work efficiency during their digging. However, is a too large capacity bucket really able to help you increase your work efficiency?

If the excavator bucket is in a too high capacity, obviously, you are able to move more earth with each bucket load. When you keep load the earth with the large capacity bucket, it invariably slows down the digging process and takes more time to finish each loading. Therefore, it just seems that load with a bigger capacity bucket is faster, but actually not.

In the other hand, loading with a very big capacity bucket not only decreases your work efficiency, but also utilizes more machine power and brings more load to your machine, which means you are taking more time to do the same work. The operation would make you use more fuel and increase the working time of your excavator operator. In that case, you have to pay more for your tasks.

What’s more, the bigger capacity bucket creates more wear and tear on your machine, decreases the reliability of you excavator, brings an unsafe working environment. When the excavator working on a slope ground, it might tip over or fall into trucks when loading. At the same time, if you put a too large capacity bucket on your excavator with a quick coupler, it would also create the structure problems with your quick coupler. This means people and other machines around your excavator will be in a hazardous environment.

By the way, what we talk about is only for the general work condition. If you have special tasks, we need to take a new look at the problem. For example, what material you are going to dig and load is a kind of light and loosen material, a special designed very large capacity bucket will perform better. It could help you increase the work efficiency indeed, however, you need to find a good manufacturer such like us – CRAFTS, to make a good design and offer you the good quality.

Post time: Feb-06-2023