GP Bucket

  • GP Bucket for General Duty Work

    GP Bucket for General Duty Work

    Crafts excavator general purpose bucket is made of normal standard thickness steel plate, and there is no obvious reinforcement process on the bucket body. It is designed from 0.1m³ to 3.21m³ and is available in all widths for 1t to 50t excavators. Large opening size for large pile loading surface, general purpose excavator bucket has the advantages of higher filling coefficient, high work efficiency, and low production cost. Crafts own design general purpose bucket is able to transmit your excavator digging force better, meanwhile, each excavator brands’ original designs buckets and OEM service are all available for your choice. According to the work condition, there are also three other weight classes available for Crafts excavator buckets: heavy duty bucket, extreme duty bucket and ditching cleaning bucket.