Batter Bucket for Ditch Cleaning Work

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Crafts ditch cleaning bucket is a kind of wide light bucket than general purpose bucket. It is designed from 1000mm to 2000mm for 1t to 40t excavators. Not same as the GP bucket, the ditch cleaning bucket removed the side cutter on the side blade, and equipped the deputy cutting edge instead of the teeth & adapters to make the grading and leveling function easy and better. Recently, we add the alloy casting cutting edge option for your choice.

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Product Detail

Although, the price of the ditch cleaning bucket will be a little expensive, but service life of the alloy casting cutting edge is much longer than a steel plate cutting edge which might be made from wear resistant material. At Crafts, our engineers have tried their best to make our ditch cleaning bucket light but strong enough. What our effort can help you reduce your excavator wear and the fuel consumption, to reduce the use-cost of your excavator. According to the work condition, there are also three other weight classes available for Crafts excavator bucket: general purpose bucket, heavy duty bucket and extreme duty bucket.

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S-Style to match different quick couplers.

● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available, casting deputy blade available.

● Smooth Cutting Edge: Casting alloy, NM400, Hardox450.


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Excavator ditch cleaning bucket is also called Ditching Bucket, Cleaning Bucket, Ditching Cleaning Bucket, Mud Bucket, Wide Bucket, Batter Bucket, Grading Bucket, Leveling Bucket; some people also call it Trim Bucket or Flatting Bucket. Crafts ditch cleaning bucket is designed for landscaping, grading, cleaning ditches, finishing and back filling, as well as any big volume light material handling. It is widely intended for topsoil stripping, small scale dozing, landscaping and leveling of fill. 

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