360° Rotary Screening Bucket for the Selection of Natural Materials

Short Description:

The rotary screening bucket is specifically designed to increase productivity of sieving material not only in the dry environment but also sieving in the water. A rotary screening bucket sieve out debris and soil easier, faster, and more efficiently by spinning its screening drum. If there is a work need to sort and separate on-site, such as crushed concrete and recycling material, a rotary screening bucket will be the best choice with speed and precision. Crafts rotary screening bucket takes PMP hydraulic pump to offer the bucket strong and steady rotating power.

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Product Detail

Teeth and smooth cutting edge are both available to meet your different work condition. Meanwhile, to get the right size material after sieving, Crafts rotary screening bucket equipped with an interchangeable mesh system around the drum inner circumference and the cone area from 20mm upwards as standard, and special sizes can be manufactured to handle the special work. For the silver sand sorting tasks, the iron gauze can be overlayed on our rotary screening bucket screening kits to handle the tasks easily. The pipes and the hydraulic connection port (Both Metric Unit and Imperial Unit are available) have been equipped to help you solve the hydraulic connection problem, which make the installation really easy. Crafts rotary screening bucket is available in the most popular quick coupler and the pin grabber version.

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S-Style to match different quick couplers.

● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available, casting deputy blade available.

● Smooth Cutting Edge: Casting alloy, NM400, Hardox450.

● Mesh Size: Customization available. φ20, φ25, φ30, φ35 hole; 40*40, 50*50, 60*60, 70*70, 80*80 square; and hexagon hole. 

Rotary Screening

Overall Dimensions

    HRSB30 HRSB60 HRSB100 HRSB200 HRSB300 HRSB350
±3% mm 930 1130 1580 1940 2300 2930
in 37 45 63 77 90 115
±3% mm 690 890 1200 1400 1870 2320
in 27 35 47 55 74 92
±3% mm 680 860 1200 1420 1880 2380
in 27 34 47 56 74 94

Product Display

360° Rotary Screening Bucket  for the Selection of Natural Materials (2)
360° Rotary Screening Bucket  for the Selection of Natural Materials (4)
360° Rotary Screening Bucket  for the Selection of Natural Materials (1)

Product Parameters

Model (Ton) ≥3<6 ≥6<9 ≥9<20 ≥20<30 ≥30<35 ≥35
Weight (kg) 230 340 830 1270 2250 3950
Bucket Roller Size Diameter*Depth(mm) φ610*450 φ770*570 φ1000*780 φ1140*1015 φ1540*1180 φ1940*1590
Capacity(m³) 0.13 0.26 0.62 1.2 2.4 4.7
Speed (r/min) 0-35 0-35 0-35 0-35 0-35 0-35
Oil Flow (L/min) 40 40 65 65 65 160
Max Pressure (Mpa) 30 30 30 30 30 30

Product Application

Crafts Rotary screening bucket is a multifunctional attachment. It has different applications in screening separating natural materials, such as river beds, quarry residues, sand and dry soil, and sometimes, it is also used in construction and demolition waste, top soil, turf, and even for mixing and composting.

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