Skeleton Bucket for Material Sieving Work

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Skeleton bucket is a kind of excavator bucket with 2 functions, digging and sieving. There is no shell plate in a skeleton bucket, which instead is the steel plate skeleton and the rod steel. The bucket bottom formed a steel net by the steel plate skeleton and the rod steel, which endow the skeleton bucket sieving function, and the gridding size can be customized to meet your requirement. A skeleton bucket can be transformed from a general purpose bucket, a heavy duty bucket or a ditch cleaning bucket to handle different work condition.

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Product Detail

When you need to pick up the big stone from soil, sand and gravel, you might need a general purpose type skeleton bucket; and when you need to load rocks without rock debris and soil, you need a rock type skeleton bucket; once you got a pond or river dredging and cleaning work, the ditch cleaning wide type skeleton bucket will be your best choice. As a professional manufacture, Crafts can help you customize your skeleton bucket strong and durable.

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S-Style to match different quick couplers.

● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available.

● G.E.T. parts: CAT J series teeth & adapters are now standard on Crafts buckets. Various ground engaging tools are available to meet your specifications, such as ESCO, Komatsu, Volvo etc.

● Skeleton gridding size: customization available.


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Excavator skeleton bucket is also called Sieve Bucket, Sieving Bucket, Riddle Bucket, Sorting Bucket, Screen Bucket, Screening Bucket, Weed Bucket. The primary function of craft skeleton bucket is to remove rock out from the rock debris and soil. Other applications include sorting rocks of a specific size from piles, river clearance and other loose material sorting. The skeletal design accept customization to cater for smaller as well as larger objects to achieve your goals.

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