Hydraulic Thumb for Picking, Holding and Moving Awkward Materials

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There are three types of hydraulic thumb: mounting weld on type, main pin type, and the progressive link type. The progressive link type hydraulic thumb has the better effective operating range than the main pin type, while the main pin type is better than the mounting weld on type. In terms of the cost performance, the main pin type and the mounting weld on type is much better, which make them more popular in the market. At Crafts, the width and tines quantity of the thumb could be customized according to your requirement.

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Product Detail

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Available in progressive link, main pin type, mounting weld on type.

● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available.

● Available in hydraulic type and mechanical type.

What are included of a Crafts hydraulic thumb?
- Thumb Body
- Hydraulic Cylinder
- Weld on Mounting Bracket
- Hydraulic Pipes and Hydraulic Connection Ports
(Both Imperial Units and Metric Units are Available)
- 3 Hardened Pins
- Bolts and Nuts for Fixing Pins

How to choose a right thumb?
- Thumb length confirmation: Measure the distance between the bucket front pin center to the bucket teeth top tip, then you got the best length of your thumb body to match your bucket
- Thumb width confirmation: confirm the width according to your work condition.
- Thumb Tines distance confirmation: Measure your excavator bucket teeth distance and the bucket main blade width, then we can make the thumb tines and the bucket teeth interlaced each other, to help your excavator get better grab function.

Hydraulic Thumb

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Hydraulic Thumb for Picking, Holding and Moving Awkward Materials (5)
Hydraulic Thumb for Picking, Holding and Moving Awkward Materials (4)
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Product Application

A hydraulic thumb offers you a good way to make your excavator get the grab capability, which makes your machine from only digging to complete material handling during the construction work, forestry work and even mining. Beside an excavator bucket, a thumb is often used together with a rake or a ripper. Help you avoid the trouble and save your time of changing a grapple, a hydraulic thumb might be the best solution for solving the troubles during digging and loading, such as picking up the stone or the concrete, handling the branches, wastes and some other loose material, makes your excavator work fast and smoothly. 

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