Tilt Quick Coupler

  • Pin Grab Type Tilt Quick Couplers

    Pin Grab Type Tilt Quick Couplers

    Crafts tilt quick coupler is the pin grab type quick coupler. The tilt function makes the quick coupler like some kind of a steel wrist between the excavator arm and the top-end attachments. With a swing cylinder connecting the quick coupler top part and the bottom part, the tilt quick coupler is able to tilt 90° in two directions (180° tilt angle in total), which make your excavator attachment make your attachment possible to find a suitable angle to ease your tasks, such as reduce waste and manual labor when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes, dig at the sides of deep trenches or under the pipes, and some other special angle excavation that the normal quick coupler can’t reach. Crafts tilt quick coupler is able to suit to 0.8t to 36t excavators, almost cover all the popular ton range of the excavators.