Excavator Rake for Land Clearing and Soil Loosing

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Crafts rake would turn your excavator into an efficient land clearing machine. Normally, it is designed to 5~10 pieces tines, standard width and customized width with customized tines quantities are available on require. The tines of the rake are made of high-strength thick steel, and are able to stretch far enough to load more debris for land cleaning or sorting. According to your target material situation, you can choose whether put the casting alloy teeth on the tips of the rake tines.

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Product Detail

If the job requires handling large capacity loads, a thumb is the best partner for a rake. Putting the two together will make your machine gain the grabbing capability, obtain maximum material handling capability, turn your unwanted material gather tasks much easier and on time. Crafts rakes suit to 1t~40t class excavators.

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.
● Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S-Style to match different quick couplers.
● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available.
● G.E.T. parts: Casting alloy teeth available.


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Excavator Rake for Land Clearing and Soil Loosing (3)
Excavator Rake for Land Clearing and Soil Loosing (4)
Excavator Rake for Land Clearing and Soil Loosing (2)

Product Parameters

Description Weight (kg) Width (mm) Tine Number (pcs) Suitable excavator (Ton)
CFT-RACK01 85 900 8 1-2
CFT-RACK02 180 1200 9 3-4
CFT-RACK03 230 1200 9 5-7
CFT-RACK04 320 1500 9 8-10
CFT-RACK05 530 1600 9 11-16
CFT-RACK06 900 1800 9 18-26
CFT-RACK07 1120 2000 10 20-30
Customization on Width & 1 ine Number is Available

Product Application

Designed as an ideal tool, Crafts rake is widely used on land clearing and soil loosing. It is great for removing rocks, light brush, roots, trash, as well as any other material unwanted while leaving behind valuable soil. Sometimes, rake is also used on demolition debris gathering, material sorting. If you equipped a thumb together with the rake on your machine, you add your machine the grabbing function to solve more troubles during your work.

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