Excavator Ripper for Tearing Hard Soil

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Excavator ripper is a perfect attachment to endow your machine with the capability of cutting through hard materials. It is able to transfer the whole excavator hydraulic power at one point on its teeth tips for maximum ripping efficiency, in order to make the hard material digging easier and more productive, so as to reduce the work time and oil cost in order to increase in profit. Crafts ripper take the replaceable casting alloy teeth and wear shroud to strengthen our ripper and extend its service life.

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Product Detail

Rippers to match the excavator below 20t class, we take CAT J series tiger long teeth to help our ripper get more penetration force; rippers to match 20t~29t excavators were equipped D85 ripper teeth while the 30t~40t class rippers were equipped D90 ripper teeth. For 40t~50t class and over 50t class rippers, it depends, some customers would like D90 and some others choose D11. From the 20t class rippers on, we could add the alloy casting side wear protectors to reinforce the rippers. If there is any other special requirement, customization is also available. The Crafts Ripper is a cost-effective attachment to cut through any hard terrain encountered in your work environment.

● Various brands of excavators and backhoe loaders can be matched perfectly.

● Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S-Style to match different quick couplers.

● Material: Q355, Q690, NM400, Hardox450 available.

● G.E.T. parts: Replaceable casting alloy teeth & wear shroud.


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Generally,ripper is usually used for crushing and loosening. Single tooth for excavators and backhoes, and sometimes two teeth. Three teeth rippers are for dozers. With strong digging force, Crafts rippers are used on excavating cracked rocks, breaking frozen soil, crushing and splitting of hard soil, sub-hard rock, and weathered rock, which facilitate your excavation and loading tasks. 

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